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Learn MVC (Model view controller) Step by Step in 7 days


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Learn MVC (Model view controller) Step by Step in 7 days

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So, what’s the agenda?
So why MVC when ASP.Net behind code was so good?
Problem number 1:- UNIT Testing
Problem 2 :- The reality of separation of code and UI
Our HERO MVC (Model, view and controller)
Pre-requisite for MVC

Lab1:- Creating a simple hello world ASP.NET MVC Application
Video demonstration for Lab 1
Step1:- Create project
Step 2:- Add controller
Step 3:- Add View
Step 4:- Run the application
So what’s in the next Lab?

Lab2:- Passing data between controllers and views
Video demonstration for Lab 2
Step1:- Create project and set view data
Step 2:- Display view data in the view.
So what’s in the next Lab?

Lab 3:- Creating a simple model using MVC
Video demonstration for Lab 3
Step1:- Create a simple class file
Step2:- Define the controller with action
Step3:- Create strongly typed view using the class
Step 4 :- Run your application
So what’s in the next Lab?

Lab 4:- Creating simple MVC data entry screen
Video demonstration for Lab 4
Step1:- Creating your data entry ASPX page
Step2:- Creating the controller
Step3:- Create the view to display the customer object
Step 4:- Finally run the project
So what’s in the next Lab?

Lab 5:- using HTML helper to create views faster
Step 1:- Create the Customer class
Step2:- Creating the input HTML form using helper classes
Step 3:- Create a strong typed view by using the customer class
Step4:- Creating the controller class.
What’s for the second day?


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